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SAFE Act aimed to be even more restrictive

In a May 5 Everybody’s Column letter, a writer questioned the “outrageous claims” made by Assemblyman David DiPietro regarding the SAFE Act. In truth, the claims were not false. The fact is that warrantless searches, banning handguns and many other options were indeed proposed for the original bill.

That they did not make it into the final law this time is due to the hard work of many dedicated people watching over the rights of every resident of this state. The SAFE Act does not only affect gun owners, as many believe. The next time, New York residents may not be so lucky.

Proponents should stop ridiculing those who protest against the SAFE Act, actually read the law and cease repeating the few talking points that they have picked up through hearsay. Those points are not the entire law. Knowledge is power.

John E. Borngraber

West Seneca

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