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Letter: NRA does represent views of its members

NRA does represent views of its members

The five authors of a recent Another Voice column on gun control – three far left-wing, anti-gun people and two former National Rifle Association members – claim to speak for current NRA members when they say the NRA doesn’t really represent the views of most of its members.

Really? As for this life member and every one of the many members I know, the NRA certainly does represent our views, especially when it comes to the (un)SAFE Act here in New York. Far from being reasonable, as the writers claim, the only people the (un)SAFE Act will help are criminals. Anytime you make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear firearms, it surely makes it safer for criminals, who aren’t affected by the law because they won’t obey it. What the writers don’t seem to understand is that criminals get their guns illegally on the street in minutes. They don’t have to wait months to legally get a handgun in this state; handguns being used in the majority of criminal shootings.

As far as the (un)SAFE Act itself, neither the writers nor anyone else from the governor on down have been able to point out how this foolish law will reduce crime. It is ridiculous that the presence or not of a pistol grip on a semiautomatic rifle determines whether the rifle is legal. And the seven-round limit in a 10-round clip makes New York the laughingstock of the country.

Finally, I should point out the NRA is its 5 million members, not the so-called corporate gun lobby. If the NRA didn’t represent its members, its membership would not continue to grow as it has been growing.

Doug Kreinheder


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