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Letter: Lawsuit is another reason why Brown should be fired

Lawsuit is another reason why Brown should be fired

Just when you thought the Buffalo Board of Education could not possibly get any more fouled up, ta-da! It does. Fired school administrators Yamilette Williams and Faith Morrison Alexander are planning to sue school district administrators and board members to the tune of at least $3 million apiece, according to a May 5 News article.

The two are seeking restoration of lost past and future income, moving costs, “emotional costs” and punitive damages for what they describe as lies, fraud and “selfish political purposes.” Their attorney, Raymond Kot II, seems to blame Carl Paladino as the force behind their termination. Well, if Paladino is the man who got them fired, good for him. They were terminated by unanimous vote by the School Board on April 2, so Paladino was not the only one who felt they should go.

Once again, Pamela Brown has shown that she is incapable of holding the position of superintendent. This latest in a series of blunders might cost the City of Buffalo big money. This woman has tossed funds around like they grow on trees. Consider all the money that was blown on Mary Guinn, and Guinn still ends up making out like a bandit.

Brown claims she was unaware that Williams and Alexander lacked the necessary prerequisite certifications for their positions. Why was she unaware? After all, she is the superintendent. She approved their hiring. When the discrepancies were brought to her attention, Brown shipped the women off to SUNY Oswego (at the city’s expense) to obtain the certifications and to cover up her obvious lack of leadership.

Brown is at fault here. This proves, once again, that she needs to be fired. Right now. She is defiantly incompetent. She is dishonest. It’s time to send Brown packing, before she can do any more harm.

Joseph Coppola


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