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Letter: It might be best to let Buffalo Bills relocate

It might be best to let Buffalo Bills relocate

After the death of Ralph Wilson, many Western New Yorkers went into panic mode worrying about the future of the Buffalo Bills. It seems to be the consensus that we should do whatever it takes to keep the team here. One hears of building a billion-dollar stadium or knocking down the Skyway. These extravagant measures would be unwise. Although the NFL reigns as king right now, there are at least two factors that could lead to its sudden demise.

Culturally, there may come a time when people find the brutality of the NFL to be unwatchable. During this year’s playoffs, injured players were being helped from the field almost every other play. Is this something that a decent person would consider entertainment?

Also, the NFL could be litigated out of existence. The league got off cheaply in the recent concussion lawsuit, but that won’t be the case next time. The plaintiffs will be able to show numerous examples of players using their helmets as weapons while the referees do nothing. Head-hunters are rarely penalized, fined or suspended. Vicious head-to-head hits abound in every game and the league does nothing about it. Pleading ignorance won’t work and the financial judgments will be ruinous for the league.

If our area can’t support an NFL franchise, then let the Bills move on to greener pastures. Our most precious resource is our abundant fresh water. It is our water that will lead to our future prosperity. We should worry about that and not some sports team that will be here today and gone tomorrow.

Dave Spotts


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