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Russ Brandon moved by memory of Ralph

Russ Brandon, the Bills'  president and CEO, mentions late owner Ralph Wilson every time he speaks in public these days.  When the team's top brass met with the media near the end of the three-day draft early Saturday evening, Brandon called the team's bold, free-wheeling draft "quite a tribute to Mr. Wilson."

At the end of the session, Brandon was asked if Wilson's memory was constantly on his mind, driving him. Brandon looked down, fumbled with a pen and struggled for words. 

"It'll be on my ... "

Brandon stopped. When he looked up, his eyes were red as he fought back tears.

"It'll be on my mind the rest of my life," he said. "Every day. As you guys know, he loved the draft. I thought about him a lot as we led up to it. About the trades -- he would have loved the last three days. He loved to wheel and deal.

"He really would have enjoyed it," Brandon said. "But yeah, it's tough to get up every day and not
think about him. He is the leader of this organization, and we will honor him every day."




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