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Letters for May 11

Happy to see ‘Buffalo’ represented in Mack selection

I know I’m not the only person in Western New York who finds it ironic that, in every mention of Khalil Mack’s selection as the No. 5 pick in the first round of the NFL Draft, the word “Buffalo,” or the letters “UB” were prominently displayed on television, the internet, print media, etc.

Yet UB’s current Athletic Director is doing everything in his power to minimize, or eliminate, the word “Buffalo” from the uniforms of UB’s athletic teams, as well as from all types of logos, clothing, printed materials, etc., under his concept called the “New York Bulls Initiative”.

So, on Thursday night, Commissioner Goodell would have announced: “The Oakland Raiders, with the fifth overall pick, have selected Khalil Mack, linebacker, from NEW YORK”? Seriously?

As a proud UB alumnus, and a long-time football season ticket holder, the only geographic place name that should appear on the jerseys, hats, etc. of UB teams is “Buffalo.” “New York” doesn’t belong anywhere as part of the team name.

Joe Suszczynski

Grand Island

Hard to get a handle on how Bills will be in ’14

Thanks to your pigskin prognosticator Jerry Sullivan we now know that the Bills season will probably match last season at 6-10.

Is he optimistic or pessimistic? Doesn’t he have faith in the new GM’s signings or consider the draft choices? He certainly doesn’t raise our hopes for a turnaround leading to a playoff berth. The schedule is a tough one especially in our division.

But come on Sully, not even one more win? Sadly, I agree with you regardless of what the diehards may say. But at least there’s only one home game in December.

Paul DiVito


Cano made big mistake by not staying with Yankees

In Mike Harrington’s latest “critique” on the Yankees he says that Robinson Cano deserved better from the Yankees and their fans when they booed him last week. Actually, Cano received the reception he deserved.

After he signed with Seattle, Robinson said that he “didn’t feel respect.” He said “I was hoping they would come up with a better offer.”

Is he nuts? He was offered $25 million dollars a year for seven years. Isn’t that a sign of respect and effort? He signed for less per year with Seattle and lost any chance of ever joining the Yankees legends. If he hadn’t disparaged the team with his ridiculous comments, I’m certain he would have been greeted better by the fans and the team.

Bob Mauger

East Aurora

Sports teams can be bought, but can also be taken away

If professional sports wants to ensure they will have no future Donald Sterlings they must add a feature to the bylaws of their leagues.

In Sterling’s case, his punishment was being banned for life from the NBA and a $2.5 million fine, which to him is pocket change.

If we want real teeth to ensure no future Sterlings, there should be a morals clause in the league stating clearly that the franchise can be taken away at the owner’s expense.

Cheryl Cranston

West Seneca

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