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Letter: We can’t let developers raze Larkin powerhouse

We can’t let developers raze Larkin powerhouse

I read with disbelief The News article concerning the removal of a section of brick wall from the historic powerhouse across the street from Larkinville. It brought back fond memories of 1950 - the year of the great architectural tragedy for Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, the Larkin Administrative Building.

As kids, my siblings and I loved to walk with my dad on Sunday afternoon. He was a maintenance man for the Larkin buildings, so he had a key to let us enter. We waited in the lobby while he did his checking. The wait was memorable as we viewed the many artistic murals, the circular staircase, the unique stone steps and the cathedral ceiling.

Years later, there was talk that the building would be demolished in favor of a parking lot. My older brother, Joseph F. Dudzik, who served on the Buffalo Common Council, worked diligently to save it from destruction, to no avail. The wrecking ball did the job in 1950. The atmosphere in our home on nearby Seymour Street was like the funeral of a friend. My prayers go out to Tim Tielman of the Campaign for Greater Buffalo History, Architecture & Culture for success.

Mary Morris


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