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Letter: Think of fun we’ll have if Trump buys the Bills

Think of fun we’ll have if Trump buys the Bills

These are uncertain times for the ownership of the Buffalo Bills. Ralph Wilson’s recent death has raised questions about the future. Among the potential owners is Donald Trump (aka, The Donald). Shortsighted fans may oppose his potential ownership, thinking him a bit eccentric and egotistical, but I wish to point out some of the many benefits that could result should Trump become the Bills owner.

First, the name of Ralph Wilson Stadium would have to be changed to Donald Trump Stadium. Whereas the present stadium is known locally as “The Ralph,” that would change to “The Donald,” giving it far better national name recognition. The team name might also be changed to the Buffalo Trumps or, in light of Trump’s casino interests, the Buffalo Gamblers. The logo for the new team could also change from a charging bison to a pair of rolling dice or, perhaps, a roulette wheel.

The conventional helmets worn by today’s Bills could be altered, too. Their current design could be replaced with one that would better fit the image of our new owner. A painted-on blond comb sweeping low across the players’ foreheads would be unlike anything else in the NFL and would surely draw worldwide attention to our team.

I ask the many football fans (and taxpayers) of Western New York to carefully weigh the benefits that could result from these changes and encourage your support for Trump’s efforts to assume ownership of our football team. It is, so to speak, worth the gamble (pun intended).

Frank J. Dinan


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