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Yogurt ‘snack’ debate in Senate catches Jon Stewart’s satire

Designation of yogurt as the official state snack might seem harmless enough, especially when it comes at the suggestion of a fourth-grade class. But state Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer found otherwise when he was grilled by two Democratic colleagues.

The downstate senators asked the Clarence Republican for a definition of snack, wanted to know why pretzels or raisins couldn’t be the official snack, wondered whether yogurt produced outside of New York also would be considered worthy of being a New York snack and questioned the wisdom of making yogurt an official snack given the many lactose intolerant residents of the state.

The debate went on for some time, and caught the attention of Jon Stewart from Comedy Central, who had some fun

with the official proceedings.

Catch a look here: www.mediaite.com/tv/jon-stewart-cant-stop-watching-amazing-ny-debate-over-yogurt/

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