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Yoga teacher loves her lentils

Megan Callahan has a new yoga business and a relatively new mouth to feed.

Yoga Parkside is the former; 8-month-old Pax is the latter, and Callahan – an actress who came to Buffalo six years ago to perform at the Irish Classical Theatre, and put down roots – is starting her son off early with the same kind of vegetarian diet she began at age 12.

“One of the personal codes in yoga is about doing no harm, so some people consider vegetarianism a cruelty-free diet. My eating philosophy is, as best as I can while living in this modern age, driven by food that has the least environmental impact and is the healthiest for my body,” said Callahan, 32, who is teaching yoga in the nooks and crannies of Parkside Lutheran Church in North Buffalo. For more info, visit or the business Facebook Page.

What are the staples of your diet?

In our household, typically for breakfast I’ll have some eggs with greens. I’m nursing, so I need to keep my protein and my iron up, so I eat a lot spinach. I’ll make a batch of lentils for the week and I’ll throw lentils in with a bunch of stuff. I’ll throw lentils in with my breakfast stir fry or with dinner. Being a working mom, what works well is to have one or two days a week where I can cook up big pots of things that I can use along with other things that I can cook up more quickly.

– Scott Scanlon

On the Web: Read more about Megan Callahan and find her recipe for lentil sloppy joe’s at

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