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Howard must uphold laws of New York State

I do not believe that the majority of New Yorkers oppose the SAFE Act. The majority of the anti-SAFE faction seems to be based on protection of Second Amendment rights. The purpose of the SAFE Act is to protect the inherent right of society to protect our most defenseless citizens from gun violence.

I respect Sheriff Timothy Howard’s right to his opinions. However, I believe he was elected to uphold the laws of New York State. We have other elected officials to write and pass laws and to test the constitutionality of those laws. How can we trust our law enforcement officials if we suspect that they hesitate to protect us if they don’t think our laws conform to their “conscience”?

Responsible gun owners need to work as diligently to protect our children from intentional and accidental gun violence as they work at protecting their individual rights.

Dianne Waterman


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