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Letter: Administrators’ lawsuit is an insult to taxpayers

Administrators’ lawsuit is an insult to taxpayers

What is the matter with Barbara Nevergold? She gets re-elected to the School Board and the next day she is on TV complaining that the other two elected ran on a platform to evict Superintendent Pamela Brown. Why even bring that up? That’s why the board can’t move forward. Nevergold has already taken her stand, as have the other members, so stop dwelling on it!

Although I agree Brown should never have been given that position (and that may eventually work itself out), try thinking of the students as opposed to your personal agenda. The School Board is a great example of ineptness. First, Brown was put in that position. Then she hired two administrators who aren’t qualified for the positions. It appears all she wants to do is hire “assistants.” Why doesn’t she utilize some of the teachers, who have years of experience?

And let’s not forget the frivolous lawsuits pending. These women were not qualified for the position, were hired anyway and now they are suing over their termination. Don’t these women realize how ridiculous that is? Instead of suing the board members, their attorney should sue Brown. What type of society do we live in, that we sue for anything, no matter how foolish it is? Another waste of taxpayer money. Grow up, kids, you’ve got a lot of work to do. And, please, think of the students.

Bonnie Johnson


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