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Letter: Sacred Heart missed a teachable moment

Sacred Heart missed a teachable moment

After reading The News article regarding Sacred Heart Academy and the gay alum’s marriage, I was both disgusted and disappointed. Rather than taking the opportunity to explain that a Catholic institution must uphold and live out its Catholic beliefs, Sister Edith Wyss chose to water down and deny the teachings of her faith. She passed the buck and essentially blamed the bishop in her email response.

I’m saddened at the missed chance to clarify commonly misunderstood Catholic teachings on homosexuality. To make it clear that the church has and always will love and welcome every person, regardless of sexual orientation. But also to explain that the Catholic Church, and by extension, its many institutions, has specific beliefs and can’t support every decision that people make. I wish that those who publicly represent the church would have the courage to embrace and explain the actual Catholic teachings on sacramental marriage.

I am so grateful to have Bishop Richard Malone in our diocese. He has not compromised or disregarded Catholic identity. Instead, he has set an example for all Catholics to love and support all those around us, but to do that, we do not have to agree with or support their decisions.

Elizabeth Truesdell

North Tonawanda

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