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Letter: Corasanti case makes a mockery of justice

Corasanti case makes a mockery of justice

In 2012, I wrote The News and stated I was removing the term “justice system” from my vocabulary based on the results of the Dr. James Corasanti trial. His conviction and sentencing was a travesty based on the circumstances surrounding the hit-and-run death of 18-year-old Alix Rice.

I read in the May 2 News that the civil trial for this nightmare is delayed till next year due to various appeals. Corasanti’s lawyers are requesting medical and counseling records of Rice, and so far that request has been approved.

Shame on us as a society, that we have allowed our legal system to sink to these depths. That child’s medical and counseling records don’t have anything to do with the facts that surround her tragic death that night. Corasanti’s drinking does. His bank account does.

How have we allowed the system to get so bad that a privileged doctor can run over a young woman and leave her dying at the side of the road and then use our laws to defile her memory based on medical and counseling issues? We all need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, is this our idea of justice?

Valerie Monahan


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