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City Honors students dish on prom

Being in high school, I hear prom talk and catch glimpses of things other students say about it and wonder what their real opinions are on the subject.

“Prom is just a memory that reminds everyone of their time in school and a chance to have fun,” said Tatiana Rivera, a sophomore at City Honors.

When I asked other classmates at City Honors, I found that most students agreed. While many said that they would be attending prom sometime in their high school years, some said they will not be going, and some were undecided.

One male senior said, “The only way that I am going to prom is if someone pays me.”

Most of the people that are planning to attend prom said that they want to go for no other reason than to hang out with their friends.

As for prom budgeting, some said they believe no one should spend more than $300 on prom, while I heard others say things such as “It should be enough to make it enjoyable” or “Everyone can spend what they want depending on their tastes.” Many students also agreed that girls should not wear dresses made by the top designers.

When it comes to limos, some people said that they would arrive in a limousine to make a grand entrance.

When asked if there were things that they would like to change about prom, answers varied.

“I think there should be food there,” one student said.

“I think that they should change the fact that you have to spend money to get into prom,” another said.

Many of my friends mentioned that there shouldn’t be so much talk about getting dates and pressure to have one; after all it is a night to be with ALL of your friends.

Television always makes such a huge fuss over prom and the kings and queens of the dance, but it’s never been explained why they are chosen.

City Honors student Romeo Patterson said that being elected prom king or queen has “less to do with popularity and more to do with being an exceptional, well-rounded individual nowadays.”

A final word of advice from student Melanie Roy, “Don’t spend thousands of dollars on prom; your money will be better spent on your college fees!”

Alonni Reid is a sophomore at City Honors. (This year’s prom will be held on June 6.)

City Honors students dish on prom

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