Bills still angling to make a move up, but it figures to be very costly - The Buffalo News

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Bills still angling to make a move up, but it figures to be very costly

The Buffalo Bills' interest in acquiring one of the top picks in the NFL Draft is likely to require a heavy cost if they plan to pull the trigger on a trade.

The Bills have been rumored to be talking about moving up for weeks. Buffalo still was in the mix of teams making calls around the league about a potential deal for one of the top two or three picks, two NFL sources said Wednesday. Numerous other media outlets have reported the same. Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, tackle Greg Robinson and receiver Sammy Watkins all are big-impact players coveted by the Bills.

It's hard to imagine the Bills moving into the top three without giving up their No. 1 pick in 2015. Miami moved from No. 12 to No. 3 last year in a deal with Oakland and gave up only the No. 42 overall pick. However, the top of this year's draft is better than the top of last year's draft. Furthermore, there likely is going to be more competition to move up this year.

Houston has the No. 1 pick and would like to trade. The Texans surely won't go from No. 1 to No. 9 without getting next year's No. 1 - and more. St. Louis has the No. 2 pick. The Rams have 12 picks this year, including the 13th overall pick. The Rams aren't desperate for a lot more picks this year. Jacksonville has the third overall pick. The Jaguars have 11 picks this year, including two fourths and three fifths. I'd want a 2015 No. 1 if I were the Jaguars' GM.

How bad to the Bills aim to win now, the future be darned? We will find out Thursday night.


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