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C’mon, spill

Last week, when we saw “The Jewish Cardinal” at the North Park Theatre, there was still the lone guy in the ticket booth, the handful of patrons in the theater. We like it like that. We also noted improvements, such as the murals on the center of the ceiling. (Howard, the guy we married, is wary of ornateness and said, “Nothing’s going to fall on me, is it?”) Everything would have been perfect had we not spilled our $7 tub of popcorn. This beautiful, newly refurbished, spanking, gleaming North Park! And here we go besmirching it. This might, just might, be the new North Park’s first major popcorn spill. All over the beautiful carpet! Oh well. As one of the previews put it, “It’s a coming of age.”

A bus named Goo

Buzz loved what Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls told News Pop Critic Jeff Miers last week: “I used to hop on the No. 7 bus, and take it all the way down Broadway to downtown, at 10 years old, by myself.” Buzz rode downtown solo as a kid, too! Back then, kids rode free. However, sensing Rzeznik’s sincerity, we figure he won’t mind us correcting his bus number. We’ve always been affectionate about Metro Bus numbers because they correspond to the bygone streetcar routes. The Broadway bus is No. 4. The No. 7 is the venerable old Richmond/Baynes route. Running a close parallel to the No. 20 Elmwood and the No. 3 Grant, the No. 7 is invariably one of the first to be threatened whenever the NFTA feels the need for cuts. We love how it keeps dodging bullets. Whenever we see one rolling up we want to cheer. Thank you, Johnny, for giving us the chance to deliver this lecture! Nostalgia unites us.

Brrring on spring

There’s a bright side to a chilly spring – and that’s marveling at seasonal things that are way off the mark. “Feeling the fresh spring air?” begins one commercial, we don’t know for what, because we were too busy laughing because that fresh spring air was 38 degrees. We pitied the Miss Buffalo, shivering as she plowed along the river. Sunday morning, classical WNED-FM played May songs. “Now is the month of Maying ...” Yeah, right. Most exotically, weather folks on the radio are brief. No jokes, no small talk, just a quick, grim report. Ha ha! Meanwhile, Buzz is creating our own spring by dressing as if it’s summer, temps be darned. Wish us luck!

The buzz

At Cafe 59, a sign hyped a Chilean wine that was Organic, Biodynamic and Carbon Neutral. Forget it, we feel guilty even having any. ... Cue the theme from “Cinema Paradiso”: A Facebook friend, musing on the North Park Theatre, wrote: “Wolf Blitzer used to work there! He threw my brother and me out once!” ... Rail against Metro Rail! We’ve been noticing classical music is gone from the downtown stations, replaced by crummy canned jazz, the kind you’re stuck listening to when you’re on hold. Buzz must have been a problem, loitering listening to Mendelssohn.


“Getting into this dress was a little challenging after all the hot wings.”

– Visiting jazz singer Anita Hall, Saturday in Kleinhans Music Hall

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