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People have forgotten why Israel came to be

WASHINGTON – Something overwhelms egocentric men when they are in a room with other stuffed shirts. It happened to Mitt Romney in 2012 when he blurted out that 47 percent of Americans would vote for President Obama because they were dependent on the government, and not vote for him, the Republican presidential nominee.

Just days ago, Secretary of State John Kerry was in a closed-door meeting with a regiment of wealthy big shots and pronounced the corrosive “a-word” – apartheid – in condemnation of Israel.

Romney didn't know he was being videotaped. It may have cost him the election. Kerry didn't know he would be quoted by the Daily Beast, whose reporter didn't agree to keep what Kerry said off the record.

Kerry's host, the Trilateral Commission – yes, there really is one – strives to get signatures of all attendees on a secrecy pledge. This self-anointed commission was created 40 years ago by Standard Oil heir David Rockefeller to keep peace in the world. Whatever the attendees worry about in their secret meetings, rest assured they're concerned about you as digits.

Kerry told his fellow elites that if Israel didn't knuckle under to Islamist demands that it help create an independent Palestine, that Israel would soon become an “apartheid” nation. Like pre-Nelson Mandela's South Africa. It is a mean word. Apartheid stands for a tiny minority of one people, a dictatorship, as a matter of policy to suppress all human and economic rights of another.

Kerry's anti-Semitic description doesn't remotely fit Israel. After his crack got out, he withdrew it. It didn't cost Kerry, mainly because turning a blind eye to 66 years of terrorism by Israel's neighbors has, unaccountably, become fashionable here. There is no record of Kerry even mentioning the horrific Arab record to this so-called commission.

The blind eye is voguish because people have forgotten why Israel came to be. The ranks of us who do remember are thinning. And this capital is becoming more careless by the day. As Kerry was backing and filling, my mind turned to the newsreels of then Gen. Dwight Eisenhower forcing Germans to see what the death camps had done.

I remember an assembly at Lafayette High School in Buffalo, where a pro-German principal forced us to listen to an anti-Zionist screed as the United Nations weighed creation of a democratic Jewish state.

We had a dozen or more refugee schoolmates who escaped the gas chambers, but whose parents did not. They writhed in their seats. Finally, a burly Jewish football player vaulted to the stage, and sobbing, took the speaker by the lapels and begged him to stop. It was over. I never got over it. Maybe I should.

Israel was created out of American guilt and American pity in 1948. It was strongly opposed by the same Roosevelt WASPS who refused to increase immigration quotas for European Jews as Hitler was closing in. This crowd stood by in 1939 as the St. Louis, a refugee ship with nearly 900 Jews aboard, steamed forlornly back to Europe past the lights of Miami after trying to land.


Andrew Cuomo is now listed as one of the nation's worst governors by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington for scrapping a Moreland Act Commission on government reform and for, according to CREW, suppressing documents on his conduct as governor and attorney general. He has company: CREW lists 16 other “worst” governors. Cuomo's press office had no comment.


Secret government: Every business day, two more congressional aides quit to become Washington lobbyists. In the first quarter, 129 staffers signed up as elbow pinchers, according to a watchdog service called Legistorm.


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