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Letter: It’s no secret Catholicism opposes same-sex marriage

It’s no secret Catholicism opposes same-sex marriage

I would like to address the article in the April 27 News about Sacred Heart Academy’s denial of publication of a same-sex marriage announcement. The woman in the article recently married her partner and wanted to share her good news with everyone, including her former classmates at a Catholic high school. It’s wonderful that she has found happiness and, of that, no one should begrudge her.

What I don’t understand is why people want to be part of an institution, follow its beliefs for a time, and then, when they choose to live outside of those beliefs, question why they are no longer accepted. Life is about choice. What you choose to do with your life is no one else’s business. Gays, as well as heterosexuals, have the right to be happy and live life the way they see fit. But when you make a choice, you must accept the responsibility and disappointments that may occur as a result of that choice.

It is no secret that Catholicism is firmly against same-sex marriage and homosexuality. The woman should be aware of this, because she was educated in a Catholic school. For her to question the school and its beliefs because they don’t agree with hers is unfair and unreasonable. She should find another publication, such as The News, to announce her happiness and accept the choices that she has made.

Ann Marie Kasperek


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