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Youths get good gobblers during spring turkey hunt

Some family records are made to be virtually unbroken.

Connor Cinelli, 14, of Grand Island was pictured in last week’s column with his 2013 Youth Hunt trophy turkey. He went out April 26, first day of the Youth Hunt weekend, and took a nice 17-pound tom at 6:45 a.m., the closest of three birds that came into a two-hen turkey decoys.

His dad, Chris Cinelli, has yet to take a spring turkey on these hunts, but he is happy to see Connor do well afield and looks forward to son Parker joining dad and Connor in the hunting fields next year. Parker turns 12 in December.

Connor was happy to fill his second Youth Hunt spring turkey tag but doubts that he will break his 2013 record, a 26-pounder.

A family gathering in Lancaster proved productive for James “Jimi” Faso III, 12, of Rome. Granddad James Faso I of Alden invited son James Faso II, Jimi’s dad, Jimi, and his uncle Mike Faso, 65, to hunt in Western New York during turkey season and a Lancaster site worked well during the Youth Hunt.

Jimi’s dad called in a nice tom while his granddad and uncle watched some 300 yards away. The tom came in with two jakes at 9 a.m. and stopped in full strut at 10 yards for a shot at a bird that weighed in at 21 pounds with a 10-inch beard and 1∂-inch spurs.

Three generations of the Faso family witnessed Jimi’s first hunt and trophy harvest.

Christopher Borel, 12, of Royalton, went on his first turkey hunt with his dad, Todd, on a neighbor’s property opening morning. Dad wrote, “This tom came in to our decoys strutting and gobbling all the way on Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m.”

Christopher’s bird weighed 19.5 pounds, had a 10-inch beard and 1-inch spurs; this harvest topped his older brother’s jake taken last year.

Michael King, 14, of Elma hunted with dad, Tim, in Caneadea. Dad called in four birds on Saturday at distances out of shooting range. On Sunday, three birds came into dad’s calls and Michael took the biggest bird. Specs on this one were omitted in deference to the elation of both son and dad that Sunday.

Successful Youth Hunt youths can take another bearded bird during the spring wild turkey season this month.


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