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Sew Simple By Vicki Farmer Ellis

Dear Vicki: Summer is coming, and this year I want to be ready for sewing with my kids. You had a booklet you told us about a year ago, and now I would like to find it. So please write about it again. I am so pumped to get them sewing – my girls and their friends. I am hoping to have a little sewing school with my girlfriends, but I am the only one who really knows how to sew. So I will have to teach the mothers first – at least an advanced example of what we will do with the kids. So I think the little book you wrote about that had a children’s format will be something they can each read and have, and it will make them even more excited. – Marsha P.

Dear Marsha: “Simply Sewing” by Judy Ann Sadler is full of projects for both girls and boys. The picture at right is of a project that takes a pair of jeans and turns them into a skirt. There are also pillows, pjs, pouches and more. Please try to find it at a local shop, but if you can’t, send me $10 (Vicki Farmer Ellis, P.O. Box 220463, St. Louis, MO 63122), and I will send the book to you.


Dear Vicki: Back in January I wrote to you about problems with the lining in a jacket I was finishing. You said to go back and mark the notches and match the facings and lining more carefully. Now is when I admit that I made this pattern by cutting up a jacket I loved, so there aren’t any notches! And the lining also seems too small. Am I doomed? Should I just trash this? – Tommi S.

Dear Tommi: Well, don’t trash it yet. Since there are no notches, use the underarm seam as a match to begin to pin in your lining. And if it really is too small, then sew a piece of pretty ribbon onto the side seams of the lining to extend it a bit, or even recut a new lining. But don’t give up on the jacket if you loved it enough to try to duplicate it. Change the lining and then baste it in place before stitching.


This week’s reader’s tip is from Nada Landry, of Lake Charles, La.

“My helpful hint is that I have bobbins loaded with thread and straggles everywhere. I went to an office supply store and bought hole reinforcement circles. They fit right on top of a bobbin, and you place the thread under the hole and stick it on – no more loose threads.”

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