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It seems to us: Ford’s big step, the color of money and an unholy promise of torture

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Well, maybe that’s about the 10th step in the case of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. In any case, we’re hoping he has finally learned his lesson after reports in the Globe and Mail newspaper about a second video of him smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.

Normally, you’d consider the source a little, if you will, suspect, since the video comes from a self-professed drug dealer. Now, instead of selling drugs, he hopes to peddle a package of three videos for “at least six figures.” Maybe he’s trying out a new profession … joining the paparazzi.

Meanwhile, hizzoner, who is still running for re-election Oct. 27, is taking a leave of absence to begin treatment for substance abuse. We wish him well.

In an ironic twist in the Los Angeles Clippers saga, an African-American woman could wind up as part of an ownership group. That would be something for the team’s bigoted, and hopefully soon-to-be former, owner to chew on.

Donald Sterling is now banned for life by the NBA for his recorded rantings about black people. The rest of the league’s owners are moving to force Sterling to sell the team. When that happens he may find himself with a bid from three multibillionaires: multimedia mogul Oprah Winfrey, entertainment executive David Geffen and Oracle’s Larry Ellison, the world’s fifth-richest man and an America’s Cup veteran. The team, if Sterling sells, ain’t gonna be cheap but the rich and glamorous are lining up for a shot at it.

Sterling did not want his now ex-girlfriend to bring black people to his games. We’ll have to see how he feels about selling the Clippers to a black woman. Greenbacks may color him speechless.

This really happened: Last weekend, at a National Rifle Association rally, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin – a woman who would have been second in line to the White House had John McCain won the 2008 presidential election – announced to the world that if she were in charge, torture would be back in style.

“Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists,” would have been her motto, she told her audience.

Never mind that she would have sent – and maybe did send – the all-clear for captured Americans to be tortured, but she even gave it a religious benediction.

McCain, who was himself repeatedly tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, is revulsed by the use of waterboarding. Now Christians are also protesting Palin’s recklessness with a petition that condemns her remarks.

No one ever said you had to be smart to be second banana on a losing ticket.

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