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May 2, 1964: Suburban moms' role as chauffeurs

Today’s soccer moms (and dads, and grandparents)  might feel like they are in uncharted territory, virtually living in their vehicles as they juggle the extracurricular schedules of their children between every sort of activity imaginable.

While the volume of activities may have increased, the frenzied feeling of driving the kids around is nothing new. The moms of the Buffalo suburbs in 1964 were just as stressed.

May 2, 1964: Chauffeuring today’s children big job for today’s suburban housewives

News Reporter Sue Fructbaum writes:

"A few years ago (the teenage daughter of Mrs. Richard Daniels) casually commented, 'Pick us up at the movie at 5, Mother.'

" 'Nonsense,' said Mrs. Daniels.  'You can take a bus at least most of the way home. Do you have car fare?'

"Her daughter did, but her young date looked troubled. 'I never carry car fare,' he volunteered. 'Somebody always appears to take me home.' "

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