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Nancy Jo Eckerson: May’s arrival revives old wish for true love

Finally, spring has sprung, and the lusty month of May has arrived. What a month! Ushered in by one of my favorite James Taylor songs, “First of May,” my swooning, spring mood is now in full swing. Taylor’s lyrics tell it all. Please, everyone sing along:

“First day of May, things are beginning, our side is winning, hip hip hooray.

Made in the shade, deep in the shadow, down by the meadow, lie in my arms.

And the moon will rise, before our very eyes, we will rise too, I’ll be with you.

It’s a rite of spring, a horizontal thing, the sweetest sort of dance, hidden in among the plants.”

What a joy to be young-at-heart and ready to fall in love again. Taylor is right, it’s a rite of spring. So, this season, I have fallen in love, first, with nature. My dear friend, sunshine, who had moved South for what seemed like an eternity, is finally back. Winter has ended, and now I am looking forward, with a positive attitude, certain that sunshine is here to stay.

Next, I have found my spirit lifted by the sight of fields of daffodils swaying in the spring breezes, and perky little purple crocuses popping up here and there. Tulips and azaleas have followed closely by and given me that unstoppable smile I so enjoy. There is nothing that can compare to a Western New York spring.

And happily, all this fun has inspired me to renew an old wish – a lifetime love of my own. Who could resist the temptation to usher in romance during this rebirthing season? Tired of the online dating scene, too picky to participate, I’ve been thinking about who I want to attract and finding a new way to search for him. But how will I find my true love? How will I know him?

Serendipitously, just as the desire has been rising, I have had an awakening. While attending a get-together with some pretty awesome friends of mine, I listened closely to the myriad of complaints about their boyfriends and spouses. This one can’t dance, that one snores too loud, this one can’t balance a checkbook to save his life or that one is never going to grow up. Quite honestly, I knew where they were coming from. The answer was pretty clear.

I realized that Anybody can get any old date. Somebody is always knocking at the door, but what I really want and need is Nobody. After all, the end result of the evening was one that we all agreed upon – Nobody is perfect.

I had found in the girl-talk my much-needed inspiration. So, with that in mind, I have been motivated to consider placing this classified ad in the personals:

Woman seeking Nobody. I am a real Somebody, seeking my perfect match. Hoping you are tall, with gorgeous blue eyes. Not sure where you live, or what type of career you have created, but I am sure of this much – your name. It’s Nobody. I’ve heard about you from my best friends, and I know you are out there, somewhere. Here is what they told me: Not only is Nobody perfect, but Nobody does it better. Nobody rules the world. Nobody’s funny all the time. Nobody is rich enough. And last, but not least, Nobody writes perfect love letters.

I can’t wait to meet this Nobody. And I can’t wait to read his love letters.

If you are dating or married to a Nobody, be grateful. At your very core, you know that Nobody treats you better.

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