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Letter: Article about parasites reminds me of Congress

Article about parasites reminds me of Congress

In the April 27 News, I read that scientists “have identified a protein that causes zombie-like behavior in plants. Certain crops are vulnerable to parasites that take control of their hosts’ behavior, forcing them to act in their intruders’ interest.” This pathogen is transmitted by tiny insects called leafhoppers. Instead of flowers, the plants grow leaflike structures that the leafhoppers eat, preventing the plants from reproducing, and benefiting only the leafhoppers.

This sounds like our Congress, where legislation benefits the top 1 percent of our income structure. The radicals say no to all legislation that benefits the middle class and the poor: no to equal pay for women, no to food stamps, no to boosting the minimum wage, no to spending on infrastructure to create jobs. But yes to destroying Obamacare, legal abortions, contraception, cutting taxes for the rich and subsidies for rich companies like oil.

The result is that the middle class shrinks. By the way, the middle class generates two-thirds of economic activity in our nation. The economy as a result stops flowering and builds structures that benefit only the rich. The economy thus becomes a zombie economy that no longer flowers or reproduces. The zombie government is in control.

Richard Czarnecki


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