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Letter: Passing gun laws won’t end attacks

Passing gun laws won’t end attacks

What will Gov. Andrew Cuomo do now that there’s been another tragedy at a school? Last time it was Sandy Hook Elementary, when he passed the SAFE Act in the middle of the night. Now it’s a school outside of Pittsburgh. I imagine the Cutlery Act, banning us from buying any type of knife, because this time a gun wasn’t used. He can pass it on Easter, knowing most of us will be celebrating that or Passover and we’ll be too busy to voice our opinions. Maybe he can call it the Steel Act; it did happen just outside the Steel City.

Nobody, not a governor or even the president of the United States, will be able to stop a person from committing these massacres no matter how many laws are passed. These people have psychological issues far beyond the passing of bad laws such as the SAFE Act. I urge people to call or write their state legislators and tell them to repeal this law, which only took away more of our rights and freedoms.

God forbid this happens at a school in New York, where an individual is at his child’s school but can’t defend himself or the children because he had to leave his gun at home because of the SAFE Act. If it was me and this happened, my first lawsuit would be against the state and Cuomo for banning me from defending myself and my child.

James J. Trzaska

West Seneca

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