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Bisons should consider program to attract fans

I read in a recent News article that attendance for Buffalo Bisons games has fallen off dramatically.

I am not an avid fan of the baseball team, but years ago the team had a program where you could sign up for several games of a person’s selection, pick out a seat you would like to sit in and also get a hot dog or hamburger and a drink (non-alcoholic) for a set price. This package was affordable and made me go to the games.

However, this was a new program and the guaranteed seat you chose was usually unavailable, so you sat in a different section for each game. When the next season came up, I was not interested. Perhaps this program was too new and not thought out properly. However, I think if this program was resurrected and planned properly, it would be attractive to a lot of people. Something to think about.

John Canney

Orchard Park

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