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Letter: Paying for kidneys will boost donations

Paying for kidneys will boost donations

The April 6 News article, “Former UB economist proposes paying for kidney donations,” was great. I applaud Julio Jorge Elias for bringing this issue to light.

The article noted: “Critics say the idea of paying for a kidney is repugnant, or immoral.” Really? If a woman has the right to kill her unborn baby because it’s her body and her right, tell me why a person doesn’t have the right to sell his kidney if he is healthy and wants to?

Elias came up with the price of $15,000 for a live kidney. I would take it a step further and make it tax-free. We would need strict guidelines, but this is doable.

He said that as of January, 99,200 people are waiting for a kidney. A new patient is added to that list every 20 minutes. About 14,000 kidney transplants were performed last year in the United States. Do the math, folks.

Enough talk. We need someone to step up and start this. Why? Because 3,381 people died waiting on that list. That’s why.

Kidney biopsy, dialysis and steroids are hell; transplants make life so much better, but with some side effects from all the medication, immunosuppressants.

We need to help all the people on the transplant list. It is time to get the fresh blood flowing.

Sharon Zaluski


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