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Letter: Community should support relocation of King Charter

Community should support relocation of King Charter

A recent News editorial missed the mark about King Charter School’s decision to move from its current leased location to a bigger, much more affordable building it will own a few miles away that will accommodate its growing population. King is not abandoning the neighborhood or its responsibilities to the community. It is thoughtfully planning for the education of its students while maintaining fiscal accountability, a mandate from the school’s authorizer in order for the school to continue to educate children. The News editorial should have been much more supportive of King’s efforts to move and expand to educate more of Buffalo’s children.

The expected and promised development of the surrounding neighborhood has not occurred since King took occupancy 14 years ago. It is glaringly apparent that King Urban Life Center, which holds the charter school’s lease, is grabbing for money to try to keep the school in its current location under the guise of neighborhood development. With 27,000 students in failing schools, and a city school system The News has repeatedly chastised for not doing its job, our entire community should be applauding the efforts of King’s board of trustees to do what is fiscally sound and in the best interest of kids.

Kenneth Peterson


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