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Letter: Voter ID efforts seek to legitimize elections

Voter ID efforts seek to legitimize elections

The April 8 News editorial “Desperate strategy” is the perfect title for this piece. Not because the editorial is good, true or even close to accurate on its topic of voter ID efforts. No, it is the perfect title for the efforts to defeat the goal to ensure the legitimacy of elections. The Democratic National Committee, the Obama administration and The News want to allow anyone and everyone the opportunity to vote, regardless of eligibility or legitimacy. The News’ arguments are so easily refutable it is astonishing. Apparently, the hope is that the “low information voter” will not only swallow the Kool-Aid, but drown in it.

Conveniently, The News editorial is big on negative conjecture but short on facts, logic and reasoning. It totally ignores the facts that there has been major voter fraud in various elections and that it has been conducted for the benefit of Democratic Party candidates.

Of course, the charges of either racism or preventing the poor from voting are always made against Republicans. Yet never is it revealed by The News or the DNC that virtually every voter ID law proposed offers a low or no-cost way to get legitimate ID that can be used to vote. Voter ID laws are meant to prevent those not eligible from voting while allowing legitimate voters to do so.

Apparently, The News and the DNC don’t wish to consider the concept that with rights come responsibilities. Legitimate voters have a responsibility to get proper ID. When a voter ID law is proposed that offers free ID and in many instances free transportation to get that ID, what is the gripe?

The failure of The News and the DNC to recognize the above considerations indicate the lack of a valid argument against voter ID laws. Let me close with the disclosure that I am writing not as a Republican but as an unaffiliated voter. And I do not want my vote debased or weakened by votes of those not eligible to vote.

James Sterman

East Amherst

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