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Letter: Pitts unfairly attacks Christianity in column

Pitts unfairly attacks Christianity in column

A recent op-ed, “Again, Christianity dallies,” by columnist Leonard Pitts criticizes the World Vision Christian relief organization for once again dragging its heels in funding the fight against the AIDS epidemic. Pitts makes a valid point, but then goes on to muddy the waters of reason as he solely blames Christendom for mistakenly believing AIDS was a gay issue.

Approximately 25 years ago, when the seriousness of AIDS was made painfully clear, celebrities like Rock Hudson, Liberace and Freddie Mercury – just to name a few – all died from AIDS-related illnesses, and all were gay. It was the conclusion at that time by reasonably intelligent people, Christian or otherwise, that AIDS was a gay issue.

Pitts sits on his journalistic throne stating that today’s faith condemns, and negatively equates Christianity with conservatism. True faith never condemns. It embraces what is morally right and just according to God’s law. And when did conservatism become a dirty word? To conserve is to reserve for the future, to temper.

The blame game continues as Pitts says the shrinking of Christ’s gospel is the reason for today’s problems; and goes on to say it’s wrong to criminalize abortion. The gospel of Christ has not shrunk. It’s the shrinking of narrow minds who selfishly refuse to see the sacredness and dignity of human life from conception to the grave.

And lastly, Pitts credits Christ with his compassion in forgiving the most grievous sinners of his day. Amen. But Christ’s parting words after the absolution were always, “Go, and sin no more.” He never gave them a free pass, and none will be given today.

Carol Sensabaugh

Niagara Falls

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