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Letter: King Center Charter should stay where it is

King Center Charter should stay where it is

The April 10 News article, “King Center Charter School bid to move will come before Council,” reported that opponents of the school’s proposed move were most vocally the board members of the King Urban Life Center.

Also speaking against the move and its negative impact on our East Side community were Yvonne Minor-Ragan, president of the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood; Dennis Walczyk, CFO of Catholic Charities of Buffalo; and myself, a member of the neighborhood and a teacher in the after-school program at the center.

Letters from Mark Mortenson, president and CEO of the Buffalo Museum of Science, and Bernice White, president of the Reed Street Block Club and 11 adjoining streets’ block clubs, were also read at this meeting.

Mortenson said he was “dismayed” by the board of King Center Charter School’s lack of commitment to the East Side. Walczyk said he was shocked and disappointed to learn of the board’s intentions to move the school.

Council members were also presented with letters from parents, students and neighbors asking them to keep the school at its current location.

King Center Charter School is a cornerstone of our neighborhood, and efforts by the school’s leadership to rip it out of the King Center and move it elsewhere are wrong.

Marion Slaughter


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