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Letter: Democrats must question president on key matters

Democrats must question president on key matters

Why so many whys? Why so many non-existent responses and so few acceptable answers to all the whys? Understandably, the American people are asking the why question repeatedly.

Free, intelligent people need to understand, and indeed have a right to know, the rationale prompting the decisions of their elected representatives. It’s also critical that our citizenry be informed concerning the intended outcomes of officials’ actions or lack thereof.

Today, just the opposite is true. We are provided with little or no coherent data. Also, there is a growing concern that many of the conclusions and decisions of America’s current leadership contradict the lessons of history.

History is a proven, reliable teacher and the adage that “one ignores the lessons of history at one’s peril” certainly strikes a chord. Further, these decisions are often dramatically inconsistent with the national, economic, military, health care and geopolitical realities of today’s world.

So, why no plausible explanations regarding Eric Holder’s “fast and furious” program; President Obama’s seeming disaffection with Israel; NSA eavesdropping; the Benghazi debacle; the IRS scandal; the administration’s attempt to infiltrate press rooms; the voluntary removal of protective anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe; the Keystone pipeline; and monthly fee exemptions from the Affordable Care Act for some union members?

Perhaps if the Democrats who control the Senate had asked the president, “why?” these issues of deep concern would have been quickly and satisfactorily resolved. No longer is the question, “why?” Rather it is, “why not?”

Nicholas D. Mecca


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