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BBC researches a Buffalo legend, and can this Dyngus Day possibly measure up to last?

In demand

The New York Times was in town over the weekend to observe the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra for an upcoming story. But more impressively, two reporters from the BBC flew in from England to follow the trail of Bashar Issa, erstwhile owner of the Statler. Buzz, encountering the filmmakers, made the case that they should interview us on the grounds that we somehow inherited Bashar Issa’s jacket, which he left behind at the Statler, and now we wear it to the gym. The journalists laughed politely but declined to film us. But they seemed enthralled by the Issa saga. With which, Buzz is no Bashar basher. In a way Issa did wind up being good for Buffalo. It seems he is good for our tourism.

Hottest chocolates

It being Holy Week, Buzz will finally shop for Easter candy. Fie on the stores that insisted on tempting us weeks ahead of time! Monday, we did an exploratory trip to the Broadway Market, scoping the chocolate treats available to us. Strawberry Island had chocolate buffalo. Nice! Kelly’s Country Store had realistic-looking chocolate iPhones. “They even slide open,” said the clerk. Then we saw the holy grail – literally. It was a chocolate Last Supper! For $2. Which would be irreverent if sold by Hershey’s or someone, but Buzz bit, considering that it was being sold by St. Adalbert’s Basilica. “We had 200 pounds,” a parishioner told us. “They’re almost gone.”

Just a warm-up

Wasn’t that taste of spring fun while it lasted? The water jets going full blast at Martin Luther King Park. Frantic, euphoric grill clean-up. The scent of barbecue in the air. Guys out working on cars. The CVS Magic Coupon machine spitting out a coupon for sunscreen. Grandiose, foolhardy gardening plans. And, most memorably, meteorologists fearing for their lives after announcing that the temps were temporary. “Nooooo!” one person wrote on Facebook to Channel 4’s Don Paul. “Please say it isn’t so!!! C’mon Don, it’s SPRING!!!”

Dyngus dilemmas

If everybody is Polish on Dyngus Day, which is Monday, Buzz will have to use that window of time to write to “Ask Our Man in Warsaw,” a column we love in the Am-Pol Eagle. The questions are the best part. One reader asks: “Our Poletek name has the line through the ‘l’ and the squiggle on the ‘e’... Unfortunately I am unaware as to how to type that.” Another letter begins: “I am planning my son’s First Communion buffet and I need some focus.” The best is a question about retiring to Jacksonville, Fla. The retiree writes: “Are there many Polish people and doings down there? No email please. I get enough spam as it is.”

The buzz

The one thing we’ll miss about Lent, the array of fish fries which, like our appetite, is ever expanding. Special Lenten love to Tops, for advertising “The All New Beer-Battered Cod Sea Dog Dinner.” It sounds like the name of a play!


“Spring Has Sprung. Peeps Donuts Are Now Available.”

- Sign outside Dunkin’ Donuts

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