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• Plank Road, Jeffrey Platt to Amanda L. Sawyer; David J. Pluff, $165,000.


• Ridge Road, Colleen C. Stewart to Household Finance Realty Corp. of New York, $41,137.


• Mohawk St., Diane L. Rothberg; Thomas M. Baldwin to Winifred Anderson; Luther G. Anderson, $309,900.

• Park Lane, Mary M. Paonessa; David J. Paonessa to Edward R. Carlo; Claudine M. Carlo, $233,500.

• Saunders Settlement Road, Lynnette McMullen; Clinette M. Bennett to Jennifer Hoyt; Donald E. Hoyt, $150,000.

• Kerr St., Tammy L. Hargrave to Kari A. Bonnevie; David R. Bonnevie, $136,000.

• Pletcher Road, Trevor Thompson to Craig L. Horrocks, $135,000.


• West Ave. & West Genesee St., Rachel L. Pigg; David R. Pigg to Kristina M. Mottorn, $40,000.


• Leete Road, Morton I. Weinberg And Sue Ann Weinberg Trust; Sue Ann Seeley; Naomi E. Weinberg; Ruth E. Seeley; Peter J. Seeley; Lora W. Seeley to Jean Linn; Jason A. Seba, $210,000.

• Brian Walk, Lorraine C. Earle; Loren M. Earle to Michelle O’Har; Gregory R. O’Har, $156,880.

• Sunset Drive, Kevin S. Cronkhite; Karrie A. Cronkhite to David M. Thomann; Bridgett M. Thomann, $123,500.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $350,000 Average price: $100,161 Median price: $39,991 Number of Sales: 9

• 818 & 822 Niagara St., John P. Bartolomei to Tumen Khishigten, $350,000.

• Cherry Lane, Rocky Leo; Janis Leo to Michael J. Difilippo; Deanna M. Difilippo, $285,000.

• Devlin Ave., Donald E. Hoyt to Robin G. Jansma, $65,464.

• 75th St., Robert Potwora; Regina Potwora; Stanley J. Potwora to Jason Jeffords; Leah Templeton, $53,190.

• 1113 South Ave., Return On Rentals to KR Global Enterprises, $39,991.

• Crescent Drive, HUD to First Kaiserhof, $28,800.

• LaSalle Ave., Lewis Smith; Christopher J. Mikienis to Dora Properties, $28,000.

• Linwood Ave., Nancy Dorato; Joan C. Crotty to Luchianna Howard; Ricky C. Baxter, $26,000.

• 3rd St., Barbara A. Geracitano to 8001 Buffalo Avenue Inc., $25,000.


• Fairfield Drive, Phillip R. James; Barbara F. James to Phyllis R. Hunt; Charles G. Hunt, $207,500.

• Daigler Drive, Michael Wachowicz to Andrew T. Swartz, $157,500.

• Hagen Ave., Robert A. Starr; Patricia D. Starr to Deborah J. Shaffer; Benjamin N. Glosser, $139,500.

• Dangelo Drive, Thomas D. Bougard to Kenneth Armstrong; Sara Armstrong, $130,000.

• Jackson Ave. & Payne Ave., Cassandra J. Todaro; Cassandra J. Gephart; Robert S. Gephart to Phillip R. James; Barbara F. James, $125,000.

• Bennett St., Helen G. Whitcomb to Amanda L. Martin, $84,000.

• Sommer St., William David Demonte to Timothy W. Semelsberger; Cynthia T. Semelsberger, $75,000.


• Paddock Ridge, Mark Peters; Cynthia A. Peters to Kelly S. Westfall; Brandon M. Westfall, $385,000.

• 5384 Fiegle Road, Nia Bates to Mark A. Peters; Cynthia A. Peters, $288,000.

• Devonshire Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Rachel T. Grzybek; Joseph F. Grzybek, $250,185.

• Hunters Creek Condo B/Unit 42, Marguerite P. Alianello; Mark D. Alianello to Stanley Polaske; Karen Polaske, $210,000.

• Creekbend Drive, Majestic Woods Development to Lyubov P. Shia; George A. Shia, $85,000.


• Hall Road, Steven A. Wingrove to David E. Phillips, $35,000.

• Carmen Road, Joleen M. Miller to Thomas A. Taylor, $6,000.


• 472 19th St., Michael J. Difilippo to Richard J. Lewinski; Audrey P. Lewinski, $315,000.

• Balla Drive, Tiffany McTiernan; Michael R. McTiernan to Christine M. Scarpace; Anthony J. Scarpace, $202,000.

• Ward Road, Josephine F. Eckler to Susan H. Benton; Ross E. Benton, $160,000.

• Stenzel Ave., Martin Schebell Jr. to Brian A. Redding, $107,000.

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