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Letter: New York’s taxes are still outrageously high

New York’s taxes are still outrageously high

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing a two-year freeze on property taxes to relieve burdened property tax owners of high New York State property taxes. Our local politicians are touting a recently published Forbes survey and patting themselves on the back because this survey ranked Buffalo No. 1 in affordability.

Hello! Let’s get real here and talk apples to apples because New York State is ranked No. 1 in having the highest overall taxes in the country – just a small fact to leave out. Shame on Forbes magazine. For some property owners, their monthly tax bill is now higher than their monthly mortgage payment. A New York State property owner’s lifestyle would be in another class with tremendously higher purchasing power if it were not for our tax bills.

Imagine the increase in business that this would bring without that stressful burden strapping us all down. Our children would be more likely to educate themselves, find a job and subsequently live and invest in the community in which they were raised.

The reality is that New York is so far behind, we think we are ahead. Even if the state lowered property taxes 50 percent – which, by the way, would not happen in the next 100 years – our property taxes would still be higher than most states in the country. Come on, wake up and smell the opportunity. New York desperately needs less red tape, less lip service, more honesty and more action.

Christopher J. Janak


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