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Letter: Mayor made a mess of Fire Department

Mayor made a mess of Fire Department

The silence is deafening coming from the mayor’s office concerning the management of the Buffalo Fire Department. One deputy fire commissioner who did nothing wrong resigned or, as he states, was fired. The other one, who should have been fired, continues to collect his $129,000 a year salary. His lawyer says he did nothing wrong in running hundreds of people’s names for criminal background checks. He states they are all disgruntled employees.

Sources say the mayor’s newest appointment to deputy commissioner is Kevin Peterson. This would be the first credible appointment the mayor has made in the last five years at fire headquarters. Peterson has credibility within the department. He actually has firefighting experience and command experience at fire scenes. He has attained the rank of captain and is two out on the fire chiefs promotional list.

The previous three had none of the above, and that is part of the problem at fire HQ. The other is the lack of common sense and the back stabbing that has been going on for the past four years. Hopefully this new appointment will be the beginning of a new regime in the Buffalo Fire Department.

Phil Ryan

Buffalo Fire Lt., Retired

West Seneca

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