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Children took the tests without any ill effects

Well, it’s over and they have made it through with no apparent ill effects. Yes, I am referring to my kids and their taking of the Common Core ELA tests. They endured the three-day, 90-minute tests without any noticeable physical or mental scars. Instead of opting out and having them “sit and stare” or “sit and read,” I chose to have them take the tests and be challenged. Does that make me a bad parent?

I am sure that I do not understand all the controversy around the kids taking these tests. I respect the teachers and parents for voicing their concerns, but I simply don’t get it. These tests have no bearing on the children’s grades or their ability to move to the next grade level. They do create a baseline for the children, tell how they are progressing in the classroom and measure how the teachers are doing teaching the children. Personally, I do not see anything wrong with that.

Anyway, back to my kids; they still don’t clean their rooms, turn the lights out or put the dirty dishes in the sink. Everything is the same as it was before the test, except for the fact they may have learned something.

Mike Metz


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