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Letter: A positive attitude benefits test takers

A positive attitude benefits test takers

Wondering how the state assessments would go at Elmwood Village Charter School, of which I am a founder and board of trustee member, I was pleased, but not surprised, to get a summary from Director John Sheffield.

He thanked the teachers in grades three to eight for doing their very best to reduce test anxiety and encouraging their students, especially those who may have felt overwhelmed. The atmosphere was light, and students understood that the only expectation was that they give the test their best effort.

Each day Sheffield would ask students about the test, and they responded enthusiastically about their effort. Students could be heard declaring, “Bring it on, we’re ready.” Such exuberance shows that Elmwood Village is doing a good job of helping children develop a healthy attitude toward these tests and the truly high-stakes tests they will be required to take in high school and beyond.

It is worthwhile to note that only one parent opted his student out from taking the assessments. How might that child have felt – special, lonely, confused? We don’t know, but hopefully it will work out well for the child. Hooray for all the Elmwood Village parents who echoed the school’s sentiment of “give the test your best.”

Marguerite Battaglia


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