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What Are You Eating: An ultimate balance

Timothy “TJ” Burns is a computer software developer by day and pro athlete evenings and weekends. He works out six days a week, can often be found on practice fields across the region and makes sure he eats right, all for the love of an often misunderstood sport.

Burns, 27, of Depew, an ultimate athlete – as in Ultimate Frisbee – is among several Buffalo-area players on the 28-man Rochester Dragons, one of 15 teams in the American Ultimate Disc League. He described his sport as a mix of football, basketball and hockey, where the team in possession of the disc tries to advance it into the end zone. The Dragons open their season next Saturday against the Philadelphia Phoenix. For a schedule and more info, visit RochesterDragons.com.

The game is built for speed and quickness. What foods do you tend to eat before and after a game?

I tend to eat a big breakfast, an omelet and a lot of carbs in the morning. During the course of the day I make sure I get some potassium – a banana – and drink a lot of water. After a game, I get a lot of protein in for muscle recovery. It’s recommended a male in my age bracket get 50 grams of protein a day but with all the work that I’m doing, I try to get 100 grams a day. I eat a lot of chicken, Greek yogurt, edamame, seeds, whatever snacks have protein and are healthy. I mix in a lot of fruits and vegetables as well, carrots, tomatoes. I like to eat a whole grapefruit every day.

– Scott Scanlon

On the Web: Learn more about Ultimate Frisbee and the Dragons here.

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