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Letters for April 13

Ken White deserves Hall of Fame nod

Throughout the 1980s, Ken White and I engaged in numerous, hard-fought three-set tennis matches. With his booming serve and powerful forehand, Ken typically got the best of me in area hard court championships, while I returned the favor on clay, squeaking out victories in the City Open Championships.

My full-time competitive play essentially concluded at the end of that decade, while remarkably, Ken enjoyed sustained excellence from the 1980s through today. His George Foreman-like punching power, along with the very highest levels of intensity and fitness, propelled him to countless city titles and a perennial top three spot in The News Top 10 Rankings.

As Charlie Garfinkel noted, Ken captured 19 national Senior Titles and has twice been named to the U.S. National Team for the World Championships. As a fellow UB and Buffalo Tennis Hall of Famer, I feel strongly that Ken should take his rightful place in the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Todd Miller

East Amherst

Here’s hoping Bills focus on Buffalo

Considering the fact that the late Ralph Wilson Jr. was the sole reason why the Bills are still in “Buffalo,” it bothers me to know that the team might be sold. It most definitely bothers me to hear that Los Angeles is interested in buying the team. California took the Braves from us in the 1970s. If anything, I believe the stadium should be moved back to Buffalo and out of Orchard Park. No offense, but the team is called the “Buffalo Bills” not the “Orchard Park Bills.”

I’ve only been to one game in my lifetime because of my own will but if the stadium was back in Buffalo I think I would go more often. What about the next generation of Buffalonians? Will they grow up with the knowledge of Buffalo being stripped of their pride once again, and have the pleasure of only enjoying pro hockey along with minor league and college sports teams?

I can only wonder what’s in store for the team knowing that money talks.

How does Buffalo expect to thrive if we keep taking major assets away from the city? It’s a question only time can answer. I give my condolences to the Wilson family and like all Bills fans I hope we are not stripped once again due to the dreadful power of the dollar.

Rashawn Gibson


Perhaps Niagara Falls isn’t the way to go

Please, let’s build our next football stadium in Niagara Falls. I’m sure Grand Island and their infamous bridges could handle all of that traffic with no problem. Or maybe we could build another bridge. Right after we build the new Peace Bridge. Maybe we could build the stadium on top of one of those many landfills, that would give us a great view of the surrounding landfills. Or maybe we could build the stadium on top of one of the chemical dumps.

I’m sorry, folks, but this is what I see when I drive to Niagara Falls.

Please someone, anyone. Help the people on the stadium committee come up with a better plan.

I rest my case.

Barbara Hubbell


Championship run started in Buffalo

Well, we finally had a team come out of Buffalo that actually won something. The problem is, they’re from Connecticut. I guess we take what we can get.

Dale Slisz


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