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Letter: Republican abortion stance is just a charade

Republican abortion stance is just a charade

Because I believe that human personhood is achieved sometime between conception and birth (probably closer to conception), I conclude that many abortions entail the termination of a life. Contrary to common political expectation, this belief pushes me to the left, not to the right.

First, by embracing various abortion exceptions, nearly every Republican politician is pro-choice while claiming otherwise.  They’ve simply reserved the choice for themselves, believing that they know better than women concerning when abortion is acceptable. 

Second, for all of the noise Republicans make about abortion, they’ve done little to actually stop it.  One claimed “success” is wielding big government to mandate unnecessary and invasive medical procedures for women considering abortion with the hope that it will change their minds. 

Another claimed “success” is the shuttering of clinics. But this doesn’t reduce access to an abortion. It just reduces access to a safe, hygienic abortion.  In contrast, Democratic positions help to prevent the demand for abortions in the first place. 

By promoting sex education and contraceptive use (which many conservatives oppose), liberals not only thwart disease but also prevent the unwanted pregnancies that often lead to abortions.  And by ensuring greater access to affordable health care, pushing for higher wages, expanding adoption opportunities and maintaining food security for those who are poor or have fallen on hard times, Democrats provide women with the tools required to safely and responsibly bring a child into the world.

Although Republicans may oppose programs like unemployment insurance, Social Security and food stamps because they are redistributive, these expenditures seem a small price to pay to prevent abortions, especially when one considers the major fiscal priorities of the last Republican administration, which included large tax cuts for the wealthy and the squander of lives and wealth in the invasion and occupation of a country that never even attacked us.

Chris Willett


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