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Letter: Political parties continue to bring down the country

Political parties continue to bring down the country

Last year Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver announced that our state Assembly had passed the Fair Elections Act. This act provides for using state taxes to finance election campaigns.

The Fair Elections Act cannot place limits on how campaign financing will be spent. Our First Amendment protects “political speech” and thereby prohibits these limits.

We can expect our political parties to continue spending campaign dollars on attack ads that include smear, hypocrisy, outlandish claims and deception.

 Our political parties use the term “criticizing your opponent” to describe these ads. I use the term “perverted brainwashing,” and in my opinion these attack ads confirm that our political parties are morally corrupt.

The Fair Elections Act is essentially the “Political Party Attack Ads Financing Act.” I am completely opposed to having state tax dollars used to finance these attack ads.

The purpose of political party attack ads is to avoid discussion of important issues. One important issue not being discussed is subsidies for unwed mothers who do not provide adequate parenting.

The result is neglected children, failing schools, poverty and increased crime. In 1965 less than 6 percent of America’s children were being produced by unwed women, while the present percentage is nearly 40 percent.

In my opinion this subsidy is an obvious example of how our political parties are degrading America.

Michael F. Patterson

Clarence Center

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