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Letter: After terminations, BPS can get to work

After terminations, BPS can get to work

At long last the Buffalo School Board took the proper action regarding the personnel matter of terminating the contracts of the two administrators lacking certification. How could the board justify reclassifying these two administrators and placing them as interns while they worked on obtaining certification?

There are rules in place for all employees to maintain their jobs; however, these individuals did not follow proper protocol as stipulated by the New York State Department of Education.

No offense as the to the abilities of the administrators was stated in a recent News article. But rules are rules and somehow they were not followed. Where was the Human Resources Department in this whole matter when it is supposed to be the clearinghouse for all new hires? Apparently someone was not doing his job.

From the beginning, this situation had the smell of politics and “friends and family,” which our region is notoriously known for. The superintendent should have demonstrated a greater knowledge of personnel matters than she has, especially when it comes to administrative positions. So, with the close of this farce, perhaps the board can get on with the business of educating children and finding funds for the schools.

Salvatore Bordonaro


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