It seems to us: Pakistani ‘justice,’ China’s party poopers and Colbert’s new TV gig strikes a nerve - The Buffalo News

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It seems to us: Pakistani ‘justice,’ China’s party poopers and Colbert’s new TV gig strikes a nerve

The latest example of “jurisprudence” in Pakistan can’t be just shrugged off as another example of that country’s medieval view of law and order. Why? The suspect in this attempted murder case is 9 months old.

In their ridiculous effort to appear to be fighting crime, Pakistani justice officials have charged the boy alongside four family members in connection with a violent protest in a Lahore slum in February.

When the baby, Musa Khan, appeared in court last week, he started screaming, as babies will, and had to be comforted with a bottle of milk. Not exactly the image of a hardened criminal. Musa was released on bail and his relatives have placed him in hiding.

The United States has been criticized at times for legal overreaction. For example, there are cases of grade-school children who have been handcuffed over trivial offenses. But the image of little Musa being fingerprinted with a milk bottle next to him is indelible.

The Washington Post recently published some of the “10 forbidden behaviors” issued to Communist Party officials in a county in southwestern China this year. One local newspaper has called the list a great success, but it has been widely mocked online.

Behaviors forbidden by the party include making empty promises to the masses. It’s also bad to bully people or get them to carry your bags, open your car door or pour your tea.

Politicians in the United States must be hoping these political commandments don’t spread across the ocean. Where would they be without empty promises? As for the rest of us, some of these “lawless” behaviors are just part of the day.

So Rush Limbaugh is upset that CBS has chosen comedian Stephen Colbert to succeed David Letterman when he retires next year. CBS has “declared war on the heartland,” the hyperbolic Limbaugh declared. That’s priceless. Colbert pretends to be a right-wing blowhard on “The Colbert Report” while Limbaugh really is a right-wing blowhard. Or is he just playing at it, too? He’s made a fortune spouting his line, so it could be he’s acting, as well.

In any case, Colbert is funny, quick-witted and intelligent. That makes him a great choice to succeed Letterman, assuming Colbert is still funny after he drops his carefully crafted persona.

A final note to Limbaugh: It’s not necessary to stoke manufactured grievances all the time. Rather than going to war, the heartland need only switch to Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel.

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