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When will we ever see relief at the gas pump?

Six years ago, a gallon of gas cost $1.87. Over the years, we had few major disasters or conflicts with gas-producing nations. Last year, we had monumental finds of gas and oil on American soil. Since we had that abundant find in Pennsylvania, our natural gas prices have doubled. In North Dakota, we had the biggest oil find in decades. We are projected to be the number one oil and gas producers in the nation.

Ethanol was supposed to be the catch-all for lowering the price of a gallon of gas. Last time I looked at the commodity section in The News, ethanol was up 55 percent since the start of the year. We are also paying double for a bushel of corn.

So I ask, why are these profits going to the Republican-backed oil and gas companies, and not being passed down to Americans? These companies make billions in profits just so they can pay for the GOP to buy elections and practice voter suppression.

These are products found on American land, and we should be entitled to a piece of the action. Has anyone noticed that exports of oil, gas and overseas investments are the highest in 14 years? Wake up, America, and start asking your politicians: Where is the money for Americans?

Joe Procakiewicz


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