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Letter: Court ruling may signal the end of our democracy

Court ruling may signal the end of our democracy

Well, the other shoe has finally dropped. The last straw has been broken. The nail has been driven into the coffin of democracy, American style!

The recent Supreme Court decision (a further expansion of Citizens United) has sounded the death knell for democracy in the good old U.S.A. Plutocracy and oligarchy, i.e., government of the wealthy by the wealthy and for the wealthy, has supremely arrived on track nine.

The idea that corporations are persons and money equals freedom of speech should enrage our sense of justice. Hasn’t it yet become apparent to all of us what havoc and corruption money thrown at campaigns and politicians has already wreaked?

Pope Francis’ cry to focus our efforts on raising up the poor and creating an equitable economic and political system seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Peter Maurin, a co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement with Dorothy Day in the 1930s, wrote: “The world would be better off if people tried to become better. And people would become better if they stopped trying to become better off. For when everybody tries to become better off, nobody is better off. But when everybody tries to become better, everybody is better off.”

A simple, yet profound, insight about greed, virtue and the common good.

The Rev. Pascal D. Ipolito

West Falls

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