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Keeping it in the family: Jacobs statement missing a money quote

The Delaware North Companies, owned by Jeremy Jacobs, released a statement today about how the Boston Bruins will preclude him from buying the Buffalo Bills:

"Several reports have listed Jeremy Jacobs as potentially interested in buying the Buffalo Bills. Mr. Jacobs owns the Boston Bruins and has no intention of selling the Bruins in order to purchase the Buffalo Bills. His focus is on ensuring the Boston Bruins continue to be a successful and winning franchise for the City of Boston and New England. He is a strong supporter of the Buffalo Bills as a storied franchise that has seen great success under Ralph Wilson. Mr. Jacobs would certainly be a strong supporter of any effort to keep the Bills in Western New York and is a big fan of the franchise and its leadership."

The statement echoes what Bruins President Cam Neely told a Boston radio station Thursday.

NFL bylaws prohibit an owner from having another sports team in another NFL market. The logic is that NFL owners don't want their members competing for sports dollars in the same city.

As mentioned earlier on the Press Coverage blog, however, Jacobs could remain Bruins owner while other members of his family own the Bills.

Jacobs has six children, and only Charlie Jacobs is a Bruins executive. Charlie Jacobs' title is "Bruins principal," and he also serves as the team's alternate governor when handling official NHL business.

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