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Dear Abby: Take break from boyfriend

Dear Abby: My boyfriend of four years, “Ian,” and I took a break from our relationship for two months because he was scared he’d miss out on the single life. We started hanging out again soon after, and everything fell into place.

We were talking recently, and he mentioned that he’s planning to move across the country to San Francisco to be near his family. He made it plain he wants to live on the West Coast “forever.” I am close to my family – closer than Ian is to his.

We’re both 24, and while we’re not going to get engaged anytime soon, I’m not sure what to do. We love each other, but the geography is causing so many issues. Please advise.

– New York Girl

Dear N.Y. Girl: It’s good that you and Ian aren’t planning on becoming engaged anytime soon, because you have some serious thinking to do. If you plan on having a family and want your parents to be close to their grandchildren, it would be better for you to find another boyfriend. I’m advising you and Ian to take another break – this time for YOUR benefit – to see which is more important to you: the man or the location.

Addressing man of the cloth

Dear Abby: My daughter goes to a preschool in a church where we are not members. Pastor “Joe” is very involved with the classes, often chatting with the parents and calling them by their first names.

I have seen him around town various times, but I’m never sure how to address him. I feel strange calling him “Pastor” since he isn’t my minister. On the other hand, calling him “Joe” doesn’t quite seem right either.

How should a man of the cloth be greeted on the street?

– Feeling Awkward In Jamestown, N.Y.

Dear Feeling Awkward: I think you’re asking the wrong person. Why not ask HIM how he’d like to be addressed?

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