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State willing to discuss relocating Tesla statue

NIAGARA FALLS – State parks officials are willing to talk about moving the Nikola Tesla statue off Goat Island.

In a statement, agency representatives left the door open to finding a new spot for the 9-foot bronze statue that some people, including city officials, are calling to be moved out of Niagara Falls State Park.

The agency was already planning on moving it, but to a spot within the state park closer to the brink of the falls.

“When the people of Yugoslavia gave the people of the United States the Tesla statute in 1976, they chose the park as his home,” an agency spokeswoman based in the Falls said in the statement. “However, State Parks is open to a conversation with the City of Niagara Falls when an appropriate location is identified.”

The statue of the famed inventor, whose development of the alternating current system helped lead to today’s electrified world, belongs outside the park, according to those who support moving it.

Some people believe that it could be an important part of a museum of the area’s history in the development of electricity, the idea for which is only a concept for now.

The City Council late last month proclaimed its support for obtaining the statue from the park for placement at a yet-to-be-determined location downtown.

This is the first public statement on the issue from the agency, which had previously declined an interview request with the regional director and failed to respond to requests to Albany for comment.

One possible location suggested for the statue is near the site of the world’s first large-scale alternating current power plant on Buffalo Avenue, where one building remains standing from the original facility.

Another proposed location is inside the traffic circle on Rainbow Boulevard.


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